industrial carpet cleaning

The carpets in a commercial place or an industry need to be cleaned on a commercial-grade level. The scale and size of the project vastly differs from that of a residential carpet cleaning. Therefore, carpet cleaning equipment and the approach to clean a carpet in a commercial or industrial-setting differ accordingly.

rotary shampoo scrubbing

Rotary shampoo scrubbing is a much relied and a very old method of cleaning carpets. As part of this a rotary shampoo equipment is used to shampoo the carpet and thus clean it. It is attached to a rotary floor machine and after a round of vacuuming, the carpet is scrubbed by this rotary shampoo machine. This way, any deep-seated dirt and stains are removed and the carpets look clean.

Once the shampooing is done, then the carpets are dried accordingly. It is result-oriented and economical too. And StarClean Property Services Pty Ltd offers this as part of our cleaning services.

step 1 : Pre spray carpet

We spray the entire carpet with a wool-safe cleaning solution specially formulated for your carpet fibers.We leave it on for 20 minutes to allow it to penetrate deep into your carpet fibres to kill germs and bacteria and loosen all grease / oil and general soiling that has attached itself to the carpet fibre.

step 2 : Rotary Scrubbing

Rotary scrubbing is a process of foaming detergent [shampoo] suspends soil when agitated with rotary type brush action.