Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpets bear the brunt of almost everything and anything. As it sees high traffic every day, it is but natural that it also becomes dirty and stained very fast. Now, this holds good for carpets at home or in a commercial setting. The carpets collect dropped food particles, pet fur, dirt, dust, and so much more.

Therefore, it is but natural for your carpets to look very uninviting and also if not cleaned and attended to in time, then it also becomes the storehouse for illnesses and allergies.

So for a good carpet cleaning which also includes steam cleaning and rotary shampoo scrubbing, you can rely on the expertise of the carpet cleaners of StarClean Property Services Pty Ltd to take care of your carpets in the best way possible.

Stage 1

Carpet is presprayed with biodegradable cleaning solution

Stage 2

Carpet is rotary agitated to ensure soil separation and spot & stain removal

Stage 3

Any remaining spots and stains are treated separately until disappearance

Stage 4

Carpet is steam cleaned (Hot Water Extraction)

Stage 5

Deodorise and Sanitise